EurodeskTR Local Focal Point Certificate
  Thanks Documents of the SPO(State Planning Organization) Youth Caravan Text
  Kırıkkale Governor's Certificate of Appreciation
  Appreciation Certificate of The Ankara Directorate, Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, Republic of Turkey

Turkey Police Radio Certificate of Thanks

  Plaque of Mobile Youth Center Project, Kırıkkale University
  Best Practice Example of the Turkish National Agency “Today is the Future”  Project (5.1)
  Best Practice Example of The Youth Caravan, ALF(Animal Liberation Front) Forum 2010
  Best Practice Example of The Visa-free caravan, EU Affairs
  The EU Best Practices in Brussels, EVS project,  


Project Outputs&Publications    

Intergenerational Interaction Model for Active Living [Mirror] Project Book


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  Dreams and Borders
  Youth Telegraph
  Youth & New Contitution Project
  European Neighbors Day Project
  Occupational Health and Safety and Product Security
  Non Formal Education 
  Elderly Care Handbook