Hello, I am a girl from the world of six years old.
I grew up with the fear of people and the world.
I used to see people torturing animals and men beating women when I turn on the TV.
I hear the news of wars, hunger.
I feel at peace when I go to sleep and dream that I am the super girl who will pounce The world.
When I wake up, I feel wide because I can't do anything and ruin the world, now let me introduce myself.
My name is Ghofrane Zaltani from Tunisia. I'm 22.
Now I feel like I'm starting to reach my dream thanks to AIESEC and System and Generation of helping animals, supporting women, and spreading justice, maybe I can stop the war in the world one day, nothing is impossible, and In Union force that we can't imagine we can't save the world, Each of us was created for a reason.
I believe that the reason for my existence in life is to help others. Any creature on this earth has the right to live in peace.
I hope to help (people, animals, the world..) and start realizing my dream.
Thank you, System and Generation to give me this opportunity.