Hello to everyone my name is Ali Emre EŞREFOĞLU. I am happy to be able to write this beautiful experience here.

I had good experiences in a 2-month short-term evs project in sofia, bulgaria, in which 4 Turkish friends participated with me. The name of this project was 'Proud young people in solidarity with our society'. I would like to thank the host organization and the association that sent us to participate in this Project (System and Generation). I made many unforgettable friends thanks to this project. In this way, my perspective widened. Getting to know a different culture is really fun. Despite our many differences, I was surprised that we had a lot in common. We have historical ties with neighboring country bulgaria, so seeing the love of the Bulgarian people for the Turkish people was very impressed to me. I was very surprised that the people of Bulgaria love Turkish culture, especially when they know and watch Turkish TV series and movies better than me. And in this case, I realized that actually one of the best ways to know ourselves is to learn the point of view of others. Thanks to this, I realized my own values. Likewise my perspective increased. It is not possible for me to forget the friendships and good memories I had during the project process. I think I have gotten one of the best experiences possible despite the difficult pandemic conditions so, I can feel privileged for getting these opportunities.

 I wish everyone who reads these lines to have unforgettable memories and friendships like me. It is an honor for me to be a member of the System and Generation family. Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to this organization.