Hey everybody, I am Gizem from Turkey,

I’ve just come back from my wonderful ESC journey. I  went to Bulgaria for 2 months, and it was amazing. Being far away from my comfort zone, meeting with new people, experiencing  new cultures were self-improving for me.

I am just sad about home-team. They didn’t provide almost any thing about their promises which is written on the assigment.I was really schock about it.  Before I went to there,i supposed to have some problems,because of Corona virus,but i have never expect that much trouble. I feel really sorry about it, because I went there for being volunteer,helping to people, but unfortunately I couldn’t get chance to do it. My biggest advise to you is search about your sending and welcoming organizations, before you apply for any esc Project. It is really important because you are going in big dreams and expectatins, but if you meet with this kind of project, it may be horrible for you. It might cause to lose your enthusiasm about being volunteer. Being volunteer is amazing feeling, so you should experience it in real terms.

For all that negative situations, I am really happy to about my ESC journey. Thanks to my other volunteer friends, and people that I met in there ,I feeel that I really change a lot. They helped me a lot, I am so greatefull to them. It was great chance to being a part of this project.

In some ways Bulgaria has really  similar culture with Turkey. Both when I catch any similar points and seeing any differences was  great experience for me. Also i got chance to travel a lot,during this difficult situation(Covid-19), so I feel really lucky. I went 5 different cities and all of them so beautiul. I hope every young people can join and experience these feeling, and it may chance their life in good way.