Did you see the picture of mine? I mean did you have a look at the picture shown above this text message? I mean did you have a proper look into it? Did you see the spot on the top left side of my green shirt? Did you see it? 
Ok. So after I said that I’m sure you’ve checked. Probably you spent more than half minute and probably you’ve found nothing. And you know why? Because I just wanted to get your attention.
But wait.. now I forgot about what I was talking about… mmm…oh.. yeah.. I was introducing myself to you. I find very hard to describe and introduce myself, I’m actually terrible at it. 
Anyways I give you basic info, then if you want we can have a talk and I’ll share more details , actually I hope it will happen because I also want to know more about you. Change my life please.  I’m 29 but I feel my soul has different ages, mostly depends on the mood I wake up in the morning. I’m from the country were mafia, church and pizza come from but, no worries I do not belong to any of these “organisation”. For those who do not know Pizza is a state of mind and also a religion, but not for me, I try to unlearn things so I can form my own opinion about things.
Anyways, going back to the point I work in the Erasmus+ field, I am the the founder of 2 Ngos based in Italy and in the UK (https://www.facebook.com/innervoicengo  and  https://www.facebook.com/youthworkallianceuk).
Hopefully this would be a great way to create alliance for the future, you know.. the world needs to be reunited because we are all ONE. I also believe in nature and energy, so if sometimes you hear me talking about “weird” things you will probably know why.
Conclusion on on on … Thanks for taking some of your time reading this. Namaste