Hello everyone!
My name is Anil Karamov i'm from Georgia, 19 years old.
I live in Georgia in small town so called Marneuli, but I study in capital of Georgia in Tbilisi, my faculty is law.
If you are interested why i choose law, I'll tell you. So for me in this world two things are very important: honesty and justice. But i know the world isn't fair. But still, I chose this faculty to defend the rights of other people, and despite the whole world, I will always try to be fair.
Now let's leave my faculty, I want to introduce myself to you.
7 years ago I started playing chess. During those years I have achieved a lot and learned variety things.
First of all chess taught me never to give up, I realized that you cannot give up not only after one defeat, but also after a hundred defeats.
For me it's important to turn defeat into victory. I think I did it.
I started teaching children to play chess at the age of 16. I think I was the youngest chess coach in the world at that time.
Despite my young age, I succeeded and I still continue to teach children, I think the main thing is to believe in yourself.
Now I want to tell you why did I choose voluntering in S&G project.
It's my second Erasmus+ project.
The first time, last year, I was in Cyprus and it was for me a great experince, I met new fiends from different coutries, I found out more about new cultures and traditions. So when I decidet be participant in this project I had desire to make new relationships.
To learn new things make me realize how much I enjoy to live.