Hi everyone! My name is Stefan Juzmeski , I’m  23 years old. Born in the most beautiful macedonian city of Ohrid.  The youngest and the tallest in my family. Marketing student at Ovidius Univesrity of Contanta. 
 I’m just a normal boy who is trying to be better person everyday, person who is willing to forgive, person who sees the best in everyone, trying to be true friend and person who learns from their mistakes.
 Human beings are designed for a many things but staying at one place is not one of them.
Plants are not moving because they have roots, right? But what about you? You have so many opportunities to go somewhere, to help someone, to do something for someone,  that opportunity is one click away from  your computer, laptop, phone ... instead of spending your time scrolling through the social media applications up and down,  you can just google it the word "volunteering" and feel the magic that I’m feeling right now.
 Happy to be back in the heart of Anatolia, in Ankara, for a second time in one year. Once as an Erasmus student and now as a volunteer. The best memories of my life are made right here in this city, memories that will last forever.
I realised that sitting on my couch and watching TV will not change my life so I did the math and the result is next:  volunteering is important because you can make so much difference in other people’s life and in return you get so much satisfaction from it.