Hello everyone! My name is Miruna, I am 18 years old and I live in Ploiești,   Romania. This year I finised the high school where I got a qualification of  stylist- hairdresser. Some of my passions are cooking, dancing and also make-up. I  am here because I like to discover new things and new people.

I have chosen this opportunity because I wanted to find out more about Turkey and its culture. I came in Ankara because I would like to evolve professionally and personally, as well to improve my communication skills within a project  team, my self confidence and to develop the volunteering skills.

Because it is an European project I have the chance to get to know more  countries’ culture and traditions because of the variety of the volunteers.

I am glad that I am here and that I took part in the activities here such as  playing with kids at kindergarten, participating at workshops at Saray Centre  and helped the people at Cafe Down. It gave me the opportunity to try  something else besides the activities I am used to. It’s also a nice experience because I  made friends from others countries.

So far, this experience appear to be unforgettable and I would repeat it gladly  anytime. Besides Turkey is one of my favourite countries so I consider this a  win-win.