At the age of 26, I decided that it was the right time to experience how living abroad is.
I have a study background in Foreign Languages, Literature and Communication.
I work as a tour guide in my hometown, Lecce in the South of Italy.
I had few experiences as a youthworker and i attended a dozen Erasmus+ training courses, so i took some gap months to finally immerge myself in a different culture for a more-than-a-week learning adventure. 
A culture that i was reading and studying about only from my books and from a western oriented point of view.
The beginning idea was to attend a short evs in Cyprus, but there were no places available.
My sending organisation proposed me to go to turkey but i was in doubt.
Isn’t turkey dangerous? Isn’t ankara too big for me? Isn’t it a little bit too cold? 
After that, i realised that none of these doubts were mine, i was just scared by other people’s fears.
So i decided to come volunteering to Turkey attracted by its great spiritual, ancient, unique, colorful, warm atmosphere.
First i decided that if i wanted to give my contribution to the local community, i had to do an inner work by destroying all the prejudice and the stereotypes that i had received about Turkish people, in order to be clean and open to give and receive from this learning experience. I also decided not to have any expectations about the project, to preserve my sense of wonder.
So, with my plain heart, i came to Ankara and i received a warm welcome from turkish people already on the plane, while i was sharing details about my trip. 
On my first day, everything looked so new but familiar at the same time. I was fascinated by the chant of the muezzin, her majesty the mosque, the deep eyes of old men, the taste of çay, the sense of immediate familiarity with all the volunteers and members of “system & generation” i met.
It’s been only few days since i am here and now i am still testing the activities and services, so i am on my way to feel which ones resonate to me the most.
So far, i can say that experiencing the Kindergarten activity was heartwarming: there is no need to speak Turkish when hugs can talk!