We present you our very promising volunteer from Romania, Boghy. She is a 20 years old solar girl, which approached this challenging project on the first week of September, together with her international colleagues. Owning a very helpful and supporting background for System and Generation, in details, Project Management will surely enable her and the NGO itself to progress on a higher level. 

The passion for table and strategic games stands as perfect demonstration of her solution oriented thinking and approaching of problems of any kind or nature. 

Despite her shyness she is incredibly world-opened, pursuing her will to collect as many impressions and experiences concerning what belongs to work, cultures and people. The dream of impersonating the whole set of her experiences, is to one day to come back to her home-town, adapting the knowledge she gathered to stand as a game changer figure in her original environment.

According to our impressions but also to her own answer to the question  “What do you expect from this project?”  we put trust in the statement that she will put all the efforts needed to make this project the most successful possible.

  We have the great chance to collaborate with Boghy thanks to our
 advocating platforms such as Facebook, which allowed us to get in 

 contact not only with her but also with another myriad of young and     open-minded students.

 You may also wonder which are the main values driving her upon this

 passion, crave to meet new people and developing both her soft skills
 such as project writing but also the possibility to enlarge her
 understanding of our social surrounding.

 In particular, she shared with us her experience at Cafe Down where
 she realized this special and welcoming culture attracted her more
 than she could have ever expected. 

 Collaborating but mostly sharing feelings, time and efforts with
 challenged-mind members of the society enabled her to see through
 stereotypes and social filters, and  creating a strong connection with
 her surroundings. We are more than happy to be able to host such a sweet and open-minded student, which reminds us every day the importance of trying not only to see but also to understand with our eyes and heart the myriad of shapes that our world has, in order to accept them, but mostly to exploit them, turning ourselves in better human beings.

 With the wish to be able to witness more and more students like Boghy in our Organization we close this short but meaningful insight on our wonderful volunteer experience, filled with an amazing staff, feeling so grateful for the rising young stars which will surely make our future society a model for the upcoming generations.