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The last partner meeting will be very special for the project as the main target group from all partner countries will come together in Portugal in order to test the training materials. The activity will take place between June 3-7, 2019 in Portugal and it will be hosted by RUTIS.
All four partner countries will come together in order to perform C2 activity of the project. The most important nuance of this activity is that fact that finally the main project’s target group – seniors - will attend the activity. Senior representatives from all partner countries will come together and test and give feedback about the teaching materials. The materials that consist of four modules – Communication and Collaboration, Internet, Hardware and Computer Essentials – are already translated into Latvian, Turkish, Portuguese and Greek so that the invited seniors would be able to test the materials in their mother tongues. 

During the activity, everyone will use Moodle platform - unique usernames and passwords will be allocated to each attendee in order to create a comfortable and professional study process for both, teachers and seniors.
After trainings, the attendees will go on cultural visits on cultural visits around Santarém and Nazaré.
“DIAL” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in the Adult Sector targeting mainly elderly people. The main aim of the project is to provide inter-generational and Life Long Learning opportunities to grandparents to acquire essential digital competences that will enable active aging and access to the e-word.
The Erasmus+ project “DIAL” is co-funded by the European Union. Find out more about Erasmus+ program on

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