SUMMARY: MEETING OF GENERATION & VOLUNTEERING WITH S&G projects have been developed upon the long experience of the last years of EVS Hostin, Sending and Coordinating Organization. We have implemented those projects as life-long-learning journey for our volunteers, that through the activities delivered within these EVS projects have the chance to develop personally and professionally. 
In fact, many activities have been implemented through those two programs, some of which planned by the volunteers themselves: 

- SARAY CENTER: At the saray center you have the opportunity tu spend time with the people living there, attending workshops and creating something together. There are many options that you can choose: soap making, sewing carpets, ceramics, painting... People from the centre are happy to share their knowledge, techniques and sensitivity with you. The hospitality is warm, çay tea is always ready for you and they are very happy to have you as guest for lunchtime.

- SERVICE WITH REFUGEES: Every Wednesday a group of nice ladies & volunteers from S&G and other people coming from all over the world gather to preparare food and pack clothes for the refugees. Margherita is leading the group: she is a woman that has decided to help the less fortunate by giving hot food, clothes and toys. The food is prepared in Margherita's house as well as the package of clothes according to sizes. Later we all move to the UNHCR where we meet the refugees and with a big smile we give them all the things that we prepared on the morning. It's amazing how a small thing can be huge for someone that has nothing.

- SERVICE AT THE KINDERGARTEN: At the kindergarten our volunteers act like teacher's assistants and even help the kids at their tasks any time they require it. They play with the children and attend the classes. The atmosphere at the kindergarten is very joyful and full of innocent smiles. There you do not need words to communicate because you can speak through hugs. The kids are very happy seeing our volunteers and every time eager to spend more time with them.

- CAFE DOWN: At the heart-warming and lovely place of Cafe Down, our volunteers contribute to create a more liveable, inclusive and caring society. Cafe Down is established by the Turkish government and each person working there lives with Down Syndrome. Our dedicated volunteers help them with their everyday work and duties, sharing valuable time and enjoying each other's company.

- ROMANIAN CULTURE & LANGUAGE COURSE: The romanian course has a simple purpose: learn people how beautiful Romania is, at the same time, how complicated is the language. But, we have thought of a different abordation to make it all simple. Half of the classes are about romanian culture, meanwhile, the other half is about romanian language which includes basic words and phrases, how to order, how to have a conversation and to introduce yourself. We are eager to spread this culture even with traditional dances and live performances from our romanian volunteers.

- ITALIAN CULTURE & LANGUAGE COURSE: Every Saturday at 2:30 pm amazing Italian teachers are willing to make you understand the Italian culture.Among some grammar, some dialogues and videos in few weeks you can survive if you go to Italy.
Italian is passion, is culture, is history and traditions. It's a challenge for yourself because is never too late to learn a new language and discover a new culture! 

- SPANISH CULTURE & LANGUAGE COURSE: it consists in spanish language and culture lessons. First to know the basis and so be able to survive in a trip to Spain or Latin America. But also to have an overview of all the cultures in Spain totaly out of the stereotypes.

- S&G SPORT CLUB: The Sport Club was establish in order to spread the value of healthy lifestyle and fair-play. Everyone who has passion for sport can join our Sunday morning jogging, our football team registered in the Premier Volunteering League, and much more.
- S&G CINEMA LOVERS CLUB: To enjoy the most touching movies together, and after watching discussing about each of them. In fact we always have a brief discussion on the movie, starting with some general reflections on how we found the film, moving on to explore the ideas within it in some detail, and not forgetting to reflect on how it relate ourselves. Did the movie inspire us? Did it touch our emotions? 

- S&G DEBATING CLUB: Take part with us in virtual and in person debate activities, to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences, as part of our formal and non-formal educational education.

- ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLUB - Our members and volunteers regularly join our intercultural discussing sessions, twice a week. Here you can improve your English speaking and communication skills, and you can share all your ideas and opinion on several up-to date topics within a safe, colourful and non-judging international environment. The sessions are lead by our foreigner volunteers, and open for everyone regardless of the level of English!

- SERVICE AT CASA ITALIA: Our Italian volunteers go once a week in the Association "Casa Italia" to support the activities aimed to promote Italian language & culture in Ankara and delivering their own workshops, to get students acquainted with Italian culture and to better understanding the dynamics of the “Italian Lifestyle” 

- TASTE THE LANGUAGE: It is a fascinating event, held once every two weeks, aim to promote cultural diversity and traditions especially through food, but not only! It is an opportunity to meet people from different countries , discovering their traditional dances and musics, asking them questions and learning new words from their native languages.