Proposed activities for all volunteers:

- participation in Common Wednesdays - workshops, trainings, meetings for all
- participation in workshops about making short movies,
- visitsotherinsitutions and organizations,
- cooperation in projectsfocusingonworkingwithadults and seniors oryouth and children
- internationalcooperationprojects (ex. Erasmus +)
- workshops accordingtovolunteer’sskills, interests, onenvironment, art, culture,
promotingreading, history, healthylifestyle, etc.)
- other local activities, exhibitions, cultural events
- languageclasses
- preparing and organizingoutdooractivities
- helping in organizingbigevents (seminars, conferences, flash mobs) for local community
- supporting in running educational center
- arranging extra activities and takingpart in eventsorganizedbyotherinstitutions
- takingpart in theprogrammescreatedbytheinstitution
- anyother ideas thatwillappearduringproject


Main activities:

- creating and preparing workshops and activities for children
- arrange extra activities and takes part in events organized by other institutions
- taking part in the programmes created by the institution
- creating and taking part in different competitions for children and their parents
- joining the events, trips and other activities outside the institution
- working with different topics in the kindergarten: ecology, culture, global education



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3. Send it to 

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Only the Application Form.

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