The aim of the internship program at S&G is to involve intern to Youth Information and Empowerment activities applying Project Development, Media& Communication at S&G in order to develop his/her personal, educational and professional skills.

During the program, the intern will be able to improve the following key competences:
Multilingual competence.
Personal, social and learning to learn competence.
Citizenship competence.
Entrepreneurship competence.
Cultural awareness and expression competence
Digital competence.
Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology and engineering
Literacy competence

Hereby you may find the main tasks of the intern:
  Organizing internal events, meetings (board, administration), trainings (PCM,Volunteering, Design, Media, Web), intercultural parties and workshops in the organization

  Developing and implementing projects. Preparing LFM (Logical framework matrix) and filling the project application forms. (S)he is supposed to develop Erasmus+ Projects for deadlines

  Participating in/organizing language exchanges with local young people

  Attending the language courses 

  Participating in fund raising activities for the benefit of S&G

  Working on the visualization and dissemination  by taking photos and videos during the events as well as writing articles about them 

  Contributing to administration tasks and delivering posts, online materials

  Preparing, Designing, and Translating contents for websites and sharing it via e-mail and social media

  Presenting European Opportunities for youth as part of EURODESK information activities

  Building relations with local young people & share his/her experiences & provide information about European mobility programs and S&G’s activities

  Organizing outdoor activities with/for local young people

  Contributing to the intercultural dialogue by raising awareness among youngsters and by the distribution of information materials provided by S&G

  Welcoming visitors and assisting them in finding the most appropriate projects based on their demands, preferences and personal & professional competences

•  Office assistance

S&G attaches great importance to the personal development of each intern. Therefore, we expect interns to:
• Obtain interpersonal and social competencies,
• Develop the ability to adapt to a new culture,
• Obtain team-working skills and share responsibilities for living with a multi-national team of Volunteers,
• Develop Cultural expression.

Additional Information

  Expected working hours: The interns will work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Sundays and Mondays are free. Working Hours: 12:00-19:00

  Holidays: The intern will have two consecutive days off per week and will also have two days of holiday per month for the whole duration of the program. When the intern will give a hand on projects at weekends, then the intern will have compulsory days off to get compensated for the extra workign days.

  Training course: As well as the practical projects, S&G offers young interns two different types of training: LFM/PCM and Volunteering.

  Review: Regular meetings will be organized with supervisor of the intern for evaluating the program outputs.

  Insurance: Its upon the Intern's responsibility

  Intern can stay in Youth Flat by paying monthly fee of 120 € including utility bills such as:  electricity, water, internet expenses etc.


To apply for short and long term Internship send your CV and motivation letter to: