System and Generation Association is member and representative of Ana Lindh Foundation for Turkey. We have implemented many projects under AnaLindh Foundation and been partners on many projects implemented by our partners on AnaLindh Network.

Briefly our projects implemented on ICE field:

DBN – Dialogue Between Neighbors:
-Involve Young people to dialogue with their neighbors who are come from different cultures/religions/social background-minority groups, preparing a practical record of their communication by using the method of participatory video-Increase the level of knowledge/tolerance/sympathy of local citizens and immigrants about cultural diversity in their community and focusing on common values, traditions etc. by promoting the video based on real life stories of migrants and their life in the foreign country

IMAGINE: Migrant Journeys The main purpose of our project "Imagine: Migrant Journeys" is to spread information about migration from Asia and Middle East to Europe. It will let people experience the journeys that migrants/refugees are making to escape the from the war in Syria and from the Taliban in Afghanistan. The idea behind this strategy board game is to get players to understand what a migrant/refugee has to go through in order to get to Europe. We hope that players will sympathise and empathise with these migrants via these games and help reduce the unprecedented rise in several negative trends such as xenophobia and radicalism.
On 13th of April 2017, S&G was awarded as ‘Eurodesk Network Prize Winner’ for  Imagine: Migrant Journeys’ project among 34 participants. System and Generation has produced 2000 copies of the game. The game was played by 700 youngsters in highs school and universities in Turkey. In addition, the game was send and played to many of our partners in Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece. The original version of the Journey is in English, but the game is now translated in Turkish, French, Arabic and Albanian.
Here you may find the video of the award:

3.S for INTERCULTURAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION. This project was funded by ALF(Anna Lindh Foundation).T his projects aims to promote intercultural dialogue among the members of the Heads of networks belonging to Anna Lindh Foundation.  It has been got inspired by the “Intercultural Cities Progra”’ lead by the Coucil of Europe, where a range of cities across the Euro-med region have been analyzed according to the managment of diversity as an asset rather than as a threat, to an intercultural integration model. The project provides for three seminars:
1- Cultural diversity seminar for ICE in Tangier (Morocco),
2- Intercultural integration challenges Seminar for Intercultural Citizenship Education: the case of Mazara del Vallo (Italy),
3.Creative and Social Entrepreneurial Seminar for a better Intercultural Intergration in Bursa(Turkey)

Each one who is willing to work on this area has the opportunity to gain experience on ICE(Intercultural Citizenship Education) via attending Internship in our organization.

ICE Internship(s) provides for the intern involved various possibilities of how to gain new skills and develop new competences.
- Intercultural environment(as hosting organization for Erasmus+ programme, our office is an multi-cultural environment with youth from different countries);
- Involvement in project writting and project development;
- Involvement in ICE activities and workshops;
- Intercultural Citizenship Education trainings;
- Opportunity to develop their own ICE ideas and organize activities;

To apply for short and long term Internship please send an email to ask about the application form:



The aim of the internship program at S&G is to involve intern to Youth Information and Empowerment activities applying Project Development, Media& Communication at S&G in order to develop his/her personal, educational and professional skills.

During the program intern will be able to improve following key competences:
(1)Communication in the mother tongue
(2)Communication in foreign languages
(3)Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
(4)Digital competence
(5)Learning to learn
(6)Social and civic competence
(7)Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
8)Cultural awareness and expression


There are following main tasks of the intern which s/he can work actively inside and outside of the office of S&G within the scope of following tasks. Numbers refer to the key competences which are supposed to be improved by intern.

  • Organizing internal events, meeting(board, administration), trainings(PCM,Volunteering, Design, Media, Web), intercultural parties and workshops in the organization.(3,4,6,7,8)
  • Developing/implementing projects. Preparing LFM(Logical framework matrix) and filling the project application forms.) to have opportunity to learn eRASMUS+ Project Development and supposed to develop eRASMUS+ Project for every deadline(2,3,5)
  • Participating in/organizing language exchanges with local young people.(1,2,6,8)
  • Participating in language lessons.(2)
  • Participating in fund raising activities for the benefit of S&G.(5,6,7)
  • Taking photos, videos about the events and working on video production.(3,4)
  • Preparing presentations and publications. (3,4)
  • Developing creative visual materials.(3,4)
  • Contributing to administration tasks and delivering posts, materials.(2,3,5)
  • Preparing/Designing/Translating content for websites and sharing it through e-mail and social media.(1,2,4,7)
  • Updating e-mail database and online documents.(3,4)
  • Representing his/her culture in Youth Caravan Trips and meetings(indoor & outdoor)(2,6,8)
  • Presenting European Opportunities for youth as part of EURODESK information activities.(5,7)
  • Building relations with young people to share his/her experiences and give information about the European mobility programs to local people.and informing them about S&G’s activities.(2,5,6,7,8)
  • Organizing outdoor activities with local young people.(2,7,8)
  • Contributing to Youth Caravan preparation, travelling with caravan, participating festivals and attending conferences on relevant European issues.) to contribute to the intercultural dialogue by increasing the awareness of the youngsters and distribute the information materials provided by S&G.(2,5,6,7,8)
  • Welcoming visitors and assisting them to find the related branch based on their demands, in the office where they expect to receive information.(2,6)

The intern will follow the scheduled program, which is prepared by the S&G management team.
Moreover, the interns will join the projects, which are implemented by experts and international and Turkish volunteers. Any contribution to improve the project is requested and welcomed. According to their interest, the intern will have the possibility to join other projects, which are national or international and hosted by S&G or a common foundation. Moreover, he/she will attend the regular meetings of S&G staff, where participants are brainstorming to improve the projects. The intern will join the projects and project preparation activities which are given by Turkish volunteers, youth, expert adults and volunteers. In these projects, the intern can contribute to improving the projects as well as he/she can join the projects which are national or international and hosted by S&G or common foundation.

S&G attaches great importance to the personal development of each individual. Therefore, we expect interns to:
• Obtain interpersonal and social competencies,
• Develop the ability to adapt to a new culture,
• Obtain team-working skills and share responsibilities for living with a multi-national team of Volunteers,
• Develop Cultural expression.

Additional Information

  • Expected working hours: The interns will work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Sundays and Mondays are free. Working Hours: 12:00-19:00
  • Holidays: The intern will have two consecutive days off per week and will also have two days of holiday per month for the whole duration of the program. Sometimes the intern will give a hand on projects at week-ends. In this case, the intern will have compulsory days off.
  • Training course: As well as the practical projects, S&G offers the young interns two different types of training: LFM/PCM and Volunteering.
  • Review: Regular meetings will be organized with supervisor of the intern for evaluating the program outputs.
  • Insurance: Sending organization is responsible for the volunteer’s insurance; all the parties are obliged to get acquainted with insurance rules.
  • Intern can stay in Youth Flat by paying monthly fee which is 200 € including electricity, water, internet expenses.

To apply for short and long term Internship please send an email to ask about the application form: